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Efficient and Expert Gas Leak Detection Services

At Eastside Plumbing, we understand the risks that gas leaks pose to both the safety of humans and property, which can be fearfully unsettling. We also recognize the importance of gas leak detection and how it helps prevent fatal accidents from occurring in the first place. 

Eastside Plumbing is one of the most trusted Melbourne East gas leak detection specialists known for efficient detection and gas leak detection solutions.

Our reliable gas detection experts prioritise your safety, convenience, and satisfaction above all. The experienced team utilises cutting-edge technology and years of expertise to find gas leaks quickly and with minimal disruption.

Expert Gas Leak Detection Services in Eastern Suburbs

From burning fires and explosions to carbon monoxide poisoning, the hazards of gas leaks are severe and dangerous. The long exposure to gas leaks can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even respiratory issues and unconsciousness. These risks necessitate cautiously considering gas leak detection services. 

To keep you safe and protected, Eastside Plumbing offers prompt and quality gas leak detection services in Eastern Suburbs. When it comes to the protection of your family and home, you can always count on our professional gas leak detection in Melbourne East.

Gas Leak Detection Services Eastern Suburbs | Eastside Plumbing

Gas Leak Reasons that Necessitate Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Gas Leak Repair

A gas leak exposes you to large levels of the deadly gas that can cause serious sickness or even death. It can build up Carbon monoxide that can displace the oxygen in your blood and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t know what causes a gas leak? These are the reasons:

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Poorly fitted appliances

Gas Line Integrity | Eastside Plumbing

Faulty boilers or cookers

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Damage to gas lines

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Degraded seals and loose connections

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Badly maintained appliances

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Loosely fitted gas hose

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Appliance Malfunctions

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Damage to Gas Appliances

Benefits of Detection and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Gas Leak Repair

If left unchecked, a gas leak can have significant repercussions. Early detection helps to avoid major explosions, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The emergency gas leak detection in Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne also saves you time, protects your family, safeguards your property, and eliminates utility expenditures.

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Retaining the Safety of Your Home with Gas Leak Detection in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburb

Eastside Plumbing has a professional team of gas leak detection specialists who carry a thorough and specialised approach to gas leak detection. The expert leverages advanced technology like tracer gas to detect gas leaks quickly and accurately in your house. Our reliable leak-detection service delivers unmatched and successful gas leak repairs.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection Services | Eastside Plumbing

Gas Leak Detections

Identifying whether there is a gas leak within your home is essential for preventing potential dangers, such as fires, explosions, and health risks from gas inhalation. Utilising advanced detection technology, our services ensure that any gas leaks are quickly and accurately identified.

Gas Leak Repair Services | Eastside Plumbing

Gas Leak Repairs

After successful gas leak detection, our experts serve you with a prompt gas leak repair. Our experts first carry out a thorough inspection of your gas line and system and replace the corroded gas line or damaged gas system to restore it to its full functioning.

Gas Line Replacement Services | Eastside Plumbing

Gas Line Replacements

If the gas line or system is damaged beyond repairs, our experts carry out accurate and prompt repairs after professional gas leak detection. We replace your old corroded gas line or system with advanced gas leak diagnostic technologies.

Gas Appliance Maintenance Services | Eastside Plumbing

Gas Appliances Maintenance

Poorly fitted appliances, faulty boilers and cookers, and loose gas hoses are among the major reasons for the gas leak in your house. Our specialists carry out regular inspections and checks for leaks to ensure proper functioning with gas appliance maintenance, cleaning, and ventilation.

Carbon Monoxide Testing Services | Eastside Plumbing

Carbon Monoxide Testing

A long-term gas leak increases your exposure to fatal carbon monoxide, further leading to carbon monoxide poisoning and emergency medical treatment. We work efficiently to ensure the safety of your gas appliances with carbon monoxide testing in order to keep your family and home safe.

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Professional Gas Leak Detection | Eastside Plumbing

Gas Leak Detection for Protecting Your Family and Home

Gas leaks are just not inconvenient or uncomfortable. They are outright dangerous and can lead to unexpected fires and explosions. If you smell rotten eggs or have unanswered headaches, be cautious, as there might be a gas leak in your house. It poses a great risk to you and your family’s health while putting the whole property at damage with the potential of causing fires or explosions. 


This situation necessitates keeping all the electrical objects off, ensuring good ventilation, and opting for emergency gas leak detection.


At Eastside Plumbing, we offer effective and efficient gas leak detection, repair and maintenance services. Our team is reliable, and our main objective is to help you get out of this danger safely and quickly.


Our experts assess the situation and then locate the source of the leak using our detection equipment. Only after a thorough inspection and accurate detection will we then make the required repairs to safeguard your gas system.

Why Choose Eastside Plumbing's Gas Leak Detection Services in Eastern Suburbs?

Our superior and unmatched devotion to your safety, satisfaction, and convenience is the sole thing that makes Eastside Plumbing stand strong and apart. 

We are known for our skill and precision, and we make certain that no leak gets undiscovered. We also have a team of licensed, experienced, and highly-trained gas leak detection specialists and experienced to ensure effective service. We employ advanced detection and diagnostic equipment to properly find and analyse gas leaks.

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Serving Melbourne's eastern suburbs

Locations We Service

Eastside Plumbing is on a quest to ensure that every house in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs is free of gas leaks and the dangers they bring with them. We are serving the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne in the following locations:

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What Our Happy Customer Say

Read what our clients say about Eastside Plumbing and Gasfitting. 

Dave and the team at Eastside Plumbing and Gasfitting are the best in the business. They replaced our hot water unit and installed a new dishwasher and oven in our home. Their quote was prompt and detailed, they were professional throughout the process, and their quality of work is exceptional. Highly recommend!


Trent Moerenhout

We couldn’t be more pleased with our initial experience and the service provided by Eastside Plumbing and Gasfitting over the last week. Had two emergencies in one week at busy times of day (4pm one day), gave them a try, and was able to rely on them to promptly attend, provide an extremely professional service, and at a reasonable price. The follow-up report and customer service are excellent; on each occasion, we received photos of the problem as well as a report. They don’t just talk the talk when it comes to service. I will definitely use them again.

Amy Chatterton


Drew and the EPG team did some repairs to my flat steel roof over the last few weeks. Kat in the office was super helpful and very organised in managing the appointments throughout the quotation and works phases. Drew was extremely punctual, courteous and professional in all his dealings with me and the team did a fantastic job. Would highly recommend!

Mark Riley


Eastside plumbing and gasfitting have done several jobs for me. They are now my provider of choice. They offer a wide range of services, backed up by professional and knowledgeable staff (big shout out to Matt and Mikey for your terrific work), state of the art equipment, and a responsive and organised admin. team (thanks Jelena and Cat). Highly recommended.

Amelia N


Really satisfied with the quality of service delivered by Dave and the team at Eastside. Turnaround time was almost minimal and the professionalism was of a very high standard. Will definitely use Eastside as my go to for any future roofing needs. Keep up the good work.

jayde syrros


Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Leak Detection

The first sign of a gas leak in your house is a sulphur-like odour or the smell of rotten eggs. Besides the smell, a hissing or whistling sound of gas leaving is another sign of a gas leak. 

The most evident symptom of a gas leak is physical damage to the pipes and hoses. Watch for the unexpected death of house plants, as well as potential indications of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as feeling light-headed, dizzy, and nauseous or suffering from a headache.

Poorly fitted appliances, damaged gas lines, and inadequately maintained appliances are among the top reasons that cause a gas leak. Faulty boilers, cookers, and appliance malfunctions typically cause gas leaks in the house. It is always advisable to consult gas leak detection specialists to diagnose and fix the issue.

The smell of rotten eggs and constant hissing sounds are an easy way to detect gas, but they are still not effective. If you suspect a gas leak in your house, it is always advisable to consult a reliable gas detection expert to ensure your safety.

Carbon monoxide detectors are solely designed to detect carbon monoxide gas. They are not capable of detecting all gas leaks. If you suspect a gas leak, utilise a gas detector that is particularly built to detect gas leaks or consult a specialist immediately.

Smoke detectors are not designed to detect gas leaks. The characteristic odour of gas typically identifies gas leaks. If you smell gas in your house, respond swiftly and take precautions to guarantee your safety.

At Eastside Plumbing, we believe that safety is a priority, and it shouldn’t always come at an unaffordable cost. The cost of gas leak detection services in Eastern Suburbs varies depending on access to pipes and appliances. 

We can examine the problem and offer a price for the repair that is required. Regardless of the expense, Eastside Plumbing ensures that the service is top-notch and affordable.

Are you Looking for Emergency Gas Leak Detection in Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne?

Eastside Plumbing is committed to offering exceptional customer service and expert gas leak detection services in Eastern Suburbs. 


Our highly-trained and friendly experts walk you through the entire process to keep you fully informed, inclusive, and comfortable. We help you identify the gas leak early and then repair it in order to protect your loved ones and house. Consider choosing us to be your gas leak detection partner.

Gas Leak Detection Services Eastside Suburbs | Eastside Plumbing

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