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Roof Leak Detection Services in Melbourne's Eastern Suburb

Need help with unexpected water damage or stains?

Don’t let leaks damage your home. Trust Eastside Plumbing for precise leak detection in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs! 

At Eastside Plumbing, we specialise in quickly identifying and fixing roof leaks using the latest technology and our extensive expertise. We protect your home from water damage, providing you with effective solutions.

Your Roof Leak Detection Experts

Our technicians specialise in identifying hidden leaks using non-invasive methods. Whether it’s for residential or commercial properties, we provide:

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection | East Side Plumbing

Thermal Leak Detection

By leveraging thermal imaging technology, we can identify moisture sources within your structure without any physical intrusion. This approach is particularly effective for early leak detection and facilitates preventive care.

Dye Testing for Leak Detection | East Side Plumbing

Dye Testing

A straightforward and reliable method, dye testing enables the visual mapping of leak paths. It is especially useful for addressing leaks on flat roofs or in areas prone to water pooling.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection Services | East Side Plumbing

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

This method detects leaks by identifying the sound waves. It is exceptionally accurate for pinpointing the precise location of leaks inside the roofing materials.

Electronic Leak Detection Solutions | East Side Plumbing

Electronic Leak Detection

Our state-of-the-art electronic equipment allows for the precise detection of leaks, even in the most inaccessible parts of your roofing system. This method is invaluable for diagnosing issues within intricate roofing architectures.

Roof Leak Solutions for Every Home

Whether it’s a minor leak or a complex problem, our team has the skills and technology to solve it.

Pitched Roof Leak Detection | East Side Plumbing

Pitched Roofs

We specialise in detecting leaks in all types of pitched roofs, using non-invasive methods to locate and fix the problem.

Flat Roof Leak Detection | East side Plumbing

Flat Roofs

Our expertise extends to flat roofs, where we specialise in detecting and addressing leaks that typically present more challenging detection scenarios.

Flat Roof Leak Detection | East Side Plumbing

Heritage Roofs

We have experience working with heritage-listed properties, ensuring that leak detection and repairs are done with care and respect for the original structure.

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Don’t wait for leaks to cause damage. Contact Eastside Plumbing, your local experts in roof leak detection in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, and secure your home.

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Heritage Roof Leak Detection | East Side Plumbing

Expert Detection

We identify leaks with unmatched

Long-Term Repair Solutions | East Side Plumbing

Lasting Solutions

We provide durable repairs to prevent
future issues.

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Your satisfaction is our top

Why Choose Us

Our 3 Promises to Melbourne Homes We Serve



Contact us for a free leak detection consultation. We’ll visit your home to assess your roof and discuss your needs.


Detection & Repair

We’ll schedule a detection session using advanced technology to find leaks. We’ll then repair the leaks efficiently, with minimal disruption.



After the repair, we’ll ensure you’re satisfied with our work and provide advice on maintaining your roof leak-free.



Your satisfaction is important to us; we’re here for any post-installation queries.

Why Choose Us

What Our Happy Customer Say

Read what our clients say about Eastside Plumbing and Gasfitting. 

Dave and the team at Eastside Plumbing and Gasfitting are the best in the business. They replaced our hot water unit and installed a new dishwasher and oven in our home. Their quote was prompt and detailed, they were professional throughout the process, and their quality of work is exceptional. Highly recommend!


Trent Moerenhout

We couldn’t be more pleased with our initial experience and the service provided by Eastside Plumbing and Gasfitting over the last week. Had two emergencies in one week at busy times of day (4pm one day), gave them a try, and was able to rely on them to promptly attend, provide an extremely professional service, and at a reasonable price. The follow-up report and customer service are excellent; on each occasion, we received photos of the problem as well as a report. They don’t just talk the talk when it comes to service. I will definitely use them again.

Amy Chatterton


Drew and the EPG team did some repairs to my flat steel roof over the last few weeks. Kat in the office was super helpful and very organised in managing the appointments throughout the quotation and works phases. Drew was extremely punctual, courteous and professional in all his dealings with me and the team did a fantastic job. Would highly recommend!

Mark Riley


Eastside plumbing and gasfitting have done several jobs for me. They are now my provider of choice. They offer a wide range of services, backed up by professional and knowledgeable staff (big shout out to Matt and Mikey for your terrific work), state of the art equipment, and a responsive and organised admin. team (thanks Jelena and Cat). Highly recommended.

Amelia N


Really satisfied with the quality of service delivered by Dave and the team at Eastside. Turnaround time was almost minimal and the professionalism was of a very high standard. Will definitely use Eastside as my go to for any future roofing needs. Keep up the good work.

jayde syrros


Frequently Asked Questions

Signs include water stains on ceilings or walls, damp odours in certain rooms, missing or damaged roof tiles, and visible water during or after rain.

Cost varies based on the leak’s complexity and the area’s size. We provide transparent, no-surprise quotes tailored to your specific situation.

While not always necessary, your presence can provide valuable information about the leak’s history and any specific concerns you have.

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